100 Day No-Wash, No-Dry Shirt Idea Gets $312K in Backing on Kickstarter

100 Day No-Wash, No-Dry Shirt Idea Gets $312K in Backing on Kickstarter

Would you rather not wash clothes? Think about all the washing powder and detergent you’ll save. Sure you probably wouldn’t save much on water unless you purchase a lot of these shirts, but not having to do anything to a shirt for 100 day is always a plus.

Young marketing graduate Mac Bishop and company initiated a Kickstarter project under the brand of Wool&Prince. The project—which has already managed ten times its goal of $30,000—currently has over 2,200 backers and over $312,000. Mac Bishop has showcased the shirt stating that he wore it for 100 days straight and that’s wrinkle and odor proof. As a result, trips to the washing machine would be very rare for the shirt.

When discussing his invention with CBS, Bishop said that he ran it through a rigorous test of running four miles in it, biking five miles, and putting the button down shirt on after a basketball game. Did the shirt have a smell after all of that? It did not according to Bishop.

So what’s the secret? Did he create some sort of new material to make garments out of? Well, without getting into all of the science behind it, Bishop told CBS that he used wool—which he calls Cotton-Soft. Over six months, the 24-year old crafted the material using a shirting yarn used in luxury fashion. Bishop said that the fabric fights odor, doesn’t wrinkle, and can last up to six times longer than cotton.

The Kickstarter project was successful in weeks, managing the $30,000 Bishop set out for with his Wool&Prince brand of shirts and now stands in the $312,000 range and growing. The shirts are due for delivery March 2014. The funding period ends May 22 and you could get your hands on a Wool&Prince shirt by kicking in $98 for one while an extra dollar will get you the bottle opener and the shirt, $190 for two or $280 for three. Anything below $98 will give you a variety of gifts. Starting at $10, Wool&Prince will give you a thank you postcard, a ram’s horn bottle opener with a chip-in of $50, while $80 will get you an all-purpose sheep hide.

While most of the shirt pledge gifts are gone, there are three—as of this posting–$98 gifts left and a few of the under $98 gifts. Plenty of postcards left. If you feel like attending the “Man Feast” with the Wool&Prince crew, a $5,000 pledge could see you dining 30 minutes outside of Portland in July 2014. According to their official site, you get to bring along 10 people, there will be lawn games and whatnot, and you’ll get a shirt.

The FAQ makes little mention about a women’s line of Wool&Prince, but suggests that there could be one down the line. According to the Kickstarter question which was answered May 1, “We’re focused on making a better button down for guys.” They did say that women have expressed interest in the shirts, so there could be a chance for a women’s line. Rarely do you shoo off more money—especially when your company is getting off the ground.

Who knows; clothes designers could be paying attention to Bishop’s project and might come up with a line of clothes that take the tediousness out of washing. If fashioned like clothes people would wear everyday—or at least often—and not just for social functions, clothes with similar properties would pretty much fly off the shelves.

The shirts ship between December 2013 and March 2014 depending on the pledge amount and demand. They come in sizes XS to XXL and will come in Oxford, Gingham, and—since the $50,000 goal was met—plaid.

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