13 Dead, 8 Injured In D.C Navy Yard Rampage, Shooter Among The Dead

12 Dead, Several Injured In D.C Navy Yard Rampage, Shooter Among The Dead

Several are dead and wounded following a rampage at the Washington D.C Navy Yard earlier today. A 34 year old man from Fort Worth, Texas was identified as the shooter, but D.C area police warn that two possible shooters are still at large.

Police Chief Cathy Lanier stated, “The big concern for us right now is that we have potentially two other shooters that we have not located at this point.”

Reports state that the shooters were dressed in military uniforms and utilized handguns and assault rifles. Chief Cathy Lanier said one shooter was a while male in a tan/khaki uniform and a beret while the other was a black man possibly around 50 years old in an olive uniform with what is possibly an assault rifle.

If anyone has information on the two shooters, they are advised to call the police at 202-727-9099.

Among the ten or more shot are two D.C Metropolitan Police officers. One was shot in leg twice and was evacuated to a hospital where he is in stable condition. The other is at MedStar Washington Hospital Center where official said that he is conscious and has good chances of survival.

Chief Medical Officer Janis Orlowski stated that three victims were brought in and all were in critical condition. Two of the victims were female civilians. She also said all were conscious, that they would all undergo surgery, and that they are likely to survive.

In the immediate area of the shooting, ten schools and a public school administration building were on lockdown while flights out of Reagan National Airport were frozen.

12 Dead, Several Injured In D.C Navy Yard Rampage, Shooter Among The DeadAreas of Washington D.C were blocked off and police presence heightened as news of two other shooters got out.

Navy spokesman Commander Ryan Perry said that four star Admiral Jonathan W. Greenert, a member of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, was safely evacuated from the Navy Yard to the Pentagon with his wife.

The Navy reported that the shots started around 8:20 AM EST from Building 197. Roughly 3,000 people work in the location.

Commander Tim Jirus works onsite in Building 197 and told the Associated Press that he was leaving the build and noticed a co-worker who had been wounded getting into a police cruiser. He heard more shots from the building and headed into the alley for cover.

Hearing two shots, he turned to check the direction of the sound before turning back to find the man he had just talked to shot in the head. This prompted him to flee the area.

“I was just lucky. The other person was shorter than me,” Jirus told AP. “There were two shots, he got that guy, he didn’t get me…The randomness of it—standing right next to me, one person gets shot.”

Civilian Rick Mason works as a program management analyst with the U.S Navy. He said that he noticed one of the gunmen shooting from a fourth floor overlook in the hallway just outside his office. The target of the shooter were people on the first floor cafeteria

Navy contractor David Stevens told AP that he was on the phone in Building 197 on the phone when the shooting began. He was alerted that there was shooter on the fourth floor

Going to check, Stevens ran to the atrium overlooking the floors and looked up. There was another volley of shots followed by the fire alarm and people leaving the building.

Stevens mentioned that the building was very secure and that an ID was needed to get in while visitors needed security clearance. “It’s unbelievable that someone could get a rifle in there—if that’s what the shooter had.”

Patricia Ward, a logistics management specialist, shared a similar experience saying at she was in the lobby’s ATM when the shots started. A security guard appeared and told her to flee. “I just ran. I thought of my family and I just ran.”

It was at that moment that the fire alarm began. Ward also said the shots came from the fourth floor and that ID was required to get in.

Capitol Police have bulked up security around the Capitol area and closed down several buildings, but have said there is no immediate threat.

President Obama gave his condolences to the families of the victims, “I’ve made it clear to my team that we want the investigation to be seamless, so that local and federal authorities are working together.”

Update: In a press conference at around 4:35 PM EST, Chief Lanier released the name of the 34 year old shooter. Aaron Alexis was a discharged petty officer who was working at the facility as a civilian contractor.

In the same press conference, she stated that one of the two prior suspects who were reported as accompanying shooters had been identified and cleared as a person of interest.

Update: The death toll has been confirmed at 13 including the shooter. Washington D.C Mayor Vincent Gray put the ages of the slain between 46 and 73.

Aaron Alexis used an AR-15, a handgun,  a double barreled shotgun. His motives haven’t been identified. FBI and law enforcement said there were no additional suspects.

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