18-Year Old Invents Device That Can Charge A Mobile Phone In 20 Seconds

18-Year Old Invents Device That Can Charge A Mobile Phone In 20 Seconds

Mobile phone batteries can be a bother. The newer and more advanced the phones become; the more of a power hog it is on the poor battery. Enter 18-year old Esha Khare and her supercapacitor. Introduced at the International Science and Engineering Fair, the supercapacitor can charge a battery in just 20 seconds! She came up with the idea when she—like others—became annoyed with how her mobile phone ate up power. She managed to snag a $50K prize and has even gotten Google’s attention.

While she didn’t win the grand prize, she does believe that her supercapacitor can have far reaching uses beyond mobile phones. The supercapacitor lasts longer that your standard mobile phone’s batteries at 10x the 1,000 charge-recharge cycles that are normal. Of other uses, Esha Khare told NBC, “It is also flexible, so it can be used in rollup displays and clothing and fabric. It has a lot of different applications and advantages over batteries in that sense.”

Khare’s supercapacitor works via nanochemistry. Although it has only charged a LED light, Khare’s words ring true for her devices usages. It could go very far in make mobile phone batteries more effective at charging and even replacing them entirely. The California native will be attending Harvard where she will continue her studies in nanochemistry.

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