20th Century Fox Dealt Blow In Employee Contract Lawsuit Against Netflix

20th Century Fox Dealt Blow In Lawsuit Against Netflix

On Friday, three judges shutdown 20th Century Fox’s appeal against Netflix’s push towards a lawsuit to invalidate the media giant’s fixed-term employment agreements.

Netflix vs. 20th Century Fox

What this means is that there will be a challenge against the practice of sitting on employees and talent and not letting them out of contracts. This throttles the pool of talent that could be available since they could be looking to leave Fox but are unable to do so.

Fox’s side of the argument is that Netflix poaches employees and interferes in business between the company and its employees. So far the company scooped up two former Fox employees in 2016: Tara Flynn and Marcos Waltenberg. Initially, Fox wanted Netflix’s countersuit tossed by the Los Angeles Superior Court citing that it was a protected speech issue under anti-SLAPP or a strategic law against party participation.

As you may have guessed, that requested was rejected. This led to the appeal which was also rejected. Judge Lamar W. Baker, on behalf of the three judges, noted that Netfilx’s claims aren’t in reaction to Fox’s “prelitigation communications or litigation activity” but as a result of the company’s fixed-term contracts and don’t warrant an anti-SLAPP motion.

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