Some Companies Are Pursuing $25 Apple Watch Experiment To Promote Employee Fitness

Some Companies Are Pursuing $25 Apple Watches Experiment To Promote Employee Fitness

Several companies will work with health services group Vitality Group to encourage workers to improve their health by offering Apple Watches for $25, reports the Wall Street Journal. The firms include pharmaceutical company Amgen, ad insurance company Lockton, and DaVita HealthCare Partners.

The partnership comes along in part as a result of the Affordable Care Act which has lead to several companies pushing to keep employees healthy. Workers who are actively healthy contribute to their own preventive care in some areas and this is a plus for companies as they save on insurance costs.

The catch with the $25 Apple Watch is that employees must meet health objectives over two years to keep the devices. Failure to do so results in having to pay the full amount of the Apple Watch. While being healthy is enough, avoiding the full price is a pretty powerful incentive to get in shape as well.

This approach is becoming a common practice among companies. Not all are offering Apple Watches or wearables to employees, but some are active in making sure they avoid insurance costs via various bonuses.

Prior to ACA, companies and institutions—such as colleges and hospitals—offer something as seemingly simple as gym access on campus or in-house as an “it’s there if you wish to use it” perk. Now there’s an active push to get workers fit.

Of course it’s up to the employees who works, are sometimes fatigued, and have no desire or even time to pursue a healthier lifestyle once they get into a tight routine meant to get them ready to work the next day in most cases.

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