3 Iranians Die in Everey One Hour Because of Cars Accidents

Base on the last statistics revealed by director of The Cars Accidents Congress , Ali Gorji , 3 Iranians die in every one hour in Iran because of the cars accidents .

“Iran is one of the 5 top countries in accidents tolls with 38 death in every 100,000 .” He said in a press conference .

“In the recent 20 years , More than 500,000 Iranian killed in these accidents and this number is two times more than Iran’s toll in Iran-Iraq war during the 8 years .” He added .

“Also more than 700,000 persons paralyze . The cost of healing and health cares of these people is more than $60 B a year .” He explained .

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  1. Hi There Kabirnews,
    Interesting Thoughts, The US helped Iraq in that war with attacks, information, and even annihilating Iran’s navy. Of course, many other major countries also helped Iraq such as Russia, China, and France along with others.

    This was very shortly after Iran’s Ayatollah Khomeini declared he would march his extremist forces across the Middle East, declared Israel to be “Little Satan” and the US to be the “Big Satan”.

    It was between the years 1980-1988

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