The 32GB Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Discounted On Amazon

The 32GB Unlocked Samsung Galaxy S6 Discounted On Amazon

If you’ve been sitting on the fence about sticking with your current smartphone or picking up the Galaxy S6, then now might be the time to move on it. Samsung’s marquee handset has been the subject of several discounts during the holidays and the 32GB Galaxy S6 is no different.

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The factory unlocked version rolls in with a shelf price of $600 for the U.S warranty version, but can be picked up from Amazon at $500 now. The retailer has also slashed the prices on several other variants of the 32GB unlocked phone.

The International version (SM-G920F) is available for $472, a massive drop from $1100. The platinum gold Samsung Galaxy S6 (G920I) was $900 but is available at $490. You can find big discounts on the 32GB unlocked handset under roughly any variant.

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While slashed from usual recently released smartphone prices, the Samsung Galaxy S6 is still on the pricier side of things available on Amazon, so the retailer’s “free shipping on orders over $35” policy applies here. The Galaxy S6 is also available from other retailers with fulfillment via Amazon for prices lower than Amazon’s slashed prices with the free shipping policy thrown in.

Buyers are strongly suggested to check the GSM/CDMA details on the product pages of these smartphones to make sure it will work with your carrier. They will work with AT&T and T-Mobile while Verizon and Sprint cards aren’t compatible.

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