A New 500 Bed Hospital Opens In Mazar-e-Sharif

A 500-bed civilian hospital officially opened in Mazar-e-Sharif, the capital city of northern Balkh province, Saturday.

The hospital was constructed with financial aid from Germany and Sweden and will provide health services for the people of northern zone, according to by Afghanistan’s Minister of Public Health Suraya Dalil.

A further $400 million was spent to equip the hospital to international standards through aid from the Japanese government.

“We want this hospital to be a model for others with high standards in the region,” Suraya Dalil said in her inaugural speech.

“We have a human and professional responsibility to fulfill.” German Ambassador to Afghanistan Rüdiger König, who attended the opening ceremony, said that his country will help in the capacity-building of the hospital staff as well.
“This is very important, we will help in professional capacity building of the hospital personnel,” König said.

“Hospital management, patient count, and provision of the needs for the annual budget are the activities we will engage in to improve the quality of the hospital.”

Balkh provincial governor Attah Mohammad Noor praised the aid from German government, and urged it to form a long-term agreement with Afghanistan after 2014.

“Another thing we want from our German friends is a long-term commitment for Afghanistan after 2014,” he said at the ceremony.

Germany is the third-highest contributor of the Nato-led forces after US and Britain.

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