About.com To Be Axed In May

About.com To Be Axed In May

If you’ve been online since the internet first became mainstream and widely accessible, you’d remember About.com. It was a search site that was popular prior to Google really catching on. Now it looks as though About.com will end on May 2nd after around 20 years.

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About.com came in 1996 and officially launched under the name in April 1997. During the tech bubble, sites like About.com, Geocities and Yahoo looked very lucrative and money changed hands often. In 2000, it was scooped up for $690 million then ended up with New York Times five years later at $410 million. By the time it got to IAC, it was valued at $300 million.

Who Thinks of About.com?

You might ask “Why now?” You might also ask “About.com is still around?” For those in column B, it sounds like that’s what CEO Neil Vogel thinks. In talking with Business Insider, Vogel said that IAC CEO Joey Levin asked him about About.com. Vogel replied “My answer—in perfect arrogance—was ‘I don’t.’ Who thinks of About.com? Nobody.”

The About.com CEO said that there were parts of the site that performed well and had worthwhile content. The main thing about About.com overall was delivery, it seems. Vogel says the parts that work being rebranded. Vogel expects to announce the name of the new brand at a conference in New Orleans.

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