Acer To Announce Low Cost Android All In One Computer Next Week

Acer To Announce Low Cost Android All In One Computers Next Week

Acer is set to reveal an AIO computer that will run Android—most likely the widely used Jellybean—next week. The computer will have 1GB of RAM, storage starting at 8GB, and will be powered by a 3GHz Core i5 4430 Haswell processor. Intel—the manufacturer of the Haswell and Bay Trail chips have mentioned that lower priced Android laptops running with these chips before.

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This all-in-one PC will be sold in the area of $400 and $425. The key here is that the machines don’t run Windows 8, so they’re much more affordable in their first run. It’s good for consumers and good for the manufacturers.

Are you thinking of picking one up when they hit shelves?

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