Ad Hoc Labs’ Burner Comes To Google Play


Do you have an Android OS-based smartphone and have a need for disposable phone numbers? Lucky for you Ad Hoc Labs will be bringing their app—originally native to the iPhone—to Android phones. Burner is now available on the Google Play store.

For those unfamiliar with Burner, as stated above it allows the user to get throw away numbers based on a variety plans that allow you to choose from the amount of minutes and texts that particular number is good for. iOS users won’t be forgotten though, the newest update brings forth some improvements such as better notifications and favoriting and archiving particular conversations. While there will be some suspicious glances at the actual need for a burner, it should be noted that there are legit and nefarious uses for any device and app. Well most practical, production, and communication-oriented apps. You can’t exactly do anything diabolical with Angry Birds, now can you?

Of course you can’t, stop trying to concoct a plan.

Now I won’t go into the possible uses for this app, but it does allow for a degree of privacy and can protect your main number when you don’t desire to give it out. Allow your imagination to run while with that, if you will. Being free to download and coming with a free number out the store, Burner is an app worth trying out at least.

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