Ads Come To Tumblr Mobile Apps

Ads Come To Tumblr Mobile Apps

Social networking company Tumblr has started putting ads in the mobile version of its site. Today, a number of advertisements could be seen in the app and could very well see the platform churn some profit. The ads in Tumblr are part of the content stream–similar to the promoted tweets on Twitter and sponsored stories on Facebook.

The placing of ads is where you can’t simply ignore them in the same way as the featured stories or in Tumblr’s case when the ads were to the side of the dashboard. If you don’t care to see advertisements—and who doesn’t—there are ways around this depending on your smartphone’s OS. There is sure to be user-developed extensions to assist in blocking out ads soon.

When Tumblr started, the goal wasn’t to become profitable, but to merely build a user base and give those users a new place to interact. From those beginnings Tumblr is slowly becoming a bigger entity with this move. According to CEO David Karp, Tumblr churns out over 90 million posts every day and members hang around the site an average of 14 minutes per visit. That’s a lot of time considering that users tend to return often throughout the day.

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