Aereo Streaming Service Launches In Atlanta on June 17

Aereo Streaming Service Launches In Atlanta on June 17

Aereo is adding Atlanta to its stable of major cities to use the streaming TV service. Atlanta will start using Aereo June 17. This makes Atlanta just the third city to get in on the service with the other two being New York and Boston and Aereo plans to have many more cities using the service by the end of 2013.

For those unfamiliar with Aereo, it is a cloud-based streaming service that uses antenna and allows for DVR functionality (storing hours of programming). What makes the company and the service worth noticing is that it allows for live streaming and time-shifted streams of television programming on internet devices. It first launched in its home base of New York City before keeping its operations on the east coast with a launch in Boston last week and now an upcoming Atlanta launch. Think of Aereo as a centralized version of live streaming sites online already—only you have to pay for it monthly.

Yesterday Aereo did some work to its pricing approach and as of Wednesday will be going with $8/month for base membership which allows for 20 hours of DVR storage and $12/month for 60 hours. Aereo’s pricing structure also kills long term commitments to a company. It allows for streaming over smartphones, tablets, PCs, notebooks, laptops, and media players such as Roku. As it stands, Aereo looks to be in rotation in a total of 22 cities. Included in this roster of cities are Austin, Baltimore, Birmingham, Detroit, Dallas, Philadelphia, Miami, and more major cities mostly based in the eastern half of the U.S.

Aereo has been in court against network titans over its ability to broadcast its programming live and skip over the requirement of paying fees which gives broadcasters up to 10% annual revenue. Suits have come from NBC Universal, Telemundo, CBS, FOX, and ABC to name a few. Despite this, the courts have typically ruled in Aereo’s favor with one judge going with the 2008 Cablevision case which allowed for cloud-based streaming and DVR devices. The outcomes in favor of Aereo and similar services have led to broadcast network channels threatening to move programming to cable.

At the moment, the company has a complaint against CBS to keep it from suing it again.

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