Afghans Are Prohibited to Live in 14 Provinces of Iran

Afghans Are Prohibited to Live in 14 Provinces of Iran

Iran’s Sanjesh Organization a subsidiary of Iranian Ministry of Science, Research and Technology announced Afghans refugees are prohibited to live in 14 provinces of Iran.

Base on the released chart, which shows the allowed university courses for foreigners live in Iran, Afghans cannot live in 14 provinces. Also Afghans are restricted to live in some parts of other 12 provinces.

According to this chart, Afghans can live in Tehran, Alborz and Qom provinces without any problem. However the Khojir region locates in Tehran is not allowed for Afghans. Khojir is a national park in Iran but some Iranians have converted their lands into farming fields and rented them to Afghan citizens. In order to avoid these activities Iranian government had decided to ban Afghans in this region too.

Afghans are completely prohibited to live in the following provinces: East Azerbaijan, West Azerbaijan, Ardabil, Zanjan, Kurdistan, Kermanshah, Ilam, Lorestan, Chaharmahal, Boyerahmad, Gilan, Mazandaran, Sistan, Hormozgan and Hamadan.

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