Ahmad Reza Radan Defines Hijab Standards in Iran

Ahmad Reza Radan Defines Hijab Standards in Iran

Ahmad Reza Radan, Deputy Commander of the Iranian police and Tehran’s police chief, defines Hijab standards in Iran.

“Wearing tight clothes, short mantuas, short-sleeve mantuas and clothes are completely prohibited and they are against Hijab standards in Iran.” Radan said.

He also commented about the scarves and shawls worn by women, “Women must wear scarves which completely cover their hairs from back and forth.” Radan also asked Iranian women to follow these guidelines in cars too. Ahmad Reza Radan believes Iranian police is responsible for Hijab problem and this is a divine duty.

It’s noteworthy that US sanctions were imposed on two Iranian national police officials, Ismail Ahmadi Moghadam and Ahmad-Reza Radan. According to US officials, Radan has been involved in assisting the Syrian government in suppressing the anti-government protests and has travelled to Syria to “aid in the Syrian crackdown of its people”. Radan is infamous for his crackdown on “unIslamic” hair and dress style too.

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