Ali Karimi: I Like to Join Al Ahli One More Time

Ali Karimi, the Iranian soccer superstar who is now a member of Persepolis FC, announced his willingness to join Emirates based club, Al Ahli.

“I really want to join Al Ahli one more time. I have missed for this club and its fantastic fans. I am still in touch with some of players in Al Ahli. I have won two titles with this club and it has great efficacy in my breakthrough. So that’s why I want to join this club again.” Ali Karimi told reporters in Dubai. Currently Persepolis has started a camp in UAE.

Ali Karimi played in Al Ahli for four season between 2001–02 until 2004–05. He transferred to this club after playing three seasons for Persepolis. Al Ahli was the second club and the first foreigner in Ali Karimi senior career. After spending four seasons in Emirates, he then transferred to Bayern Munich in 2005 and remained there for two seasons.

Recently Ali Karimi refused an offer from Al Jazirah FC. Most fans of Persepolis urged Ali Karimi to stay in the club in the next season. However he has not yet renewed his contract officially.

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