Ali Larijani: Mohamed Morsi’s Presence in Iran is Useful for Mutual Ties

Ali Larijani Mohamed Morsi's Presence in Iran is Useful for Mutual Ties

Iran’s Majlis Speaker Ali Larijani believes Mohamed Morsi’s presence in Tehran to attend the Non-Aligned Movement Summit is practical and useful for improving mutual ties between Iran and Egypt.

“I think his (referring to Mohamed Morsi) presence is efficacious for enhancing bilateral cooperation and ties. Egypt and Iran are two important countries which have pivotal roles in Islam world. Also there are many similarities between these two nations in many aspects. There were not any opportunities in Hosni Mubarak’s era for Iran and Egypt to make connections but now the situation is different.” Ali Larijani said.

Following the 2011 Egyptian revolution, Iran appointed its first ambassador to Egypt in almost 30 years.

Ali Larijani also talked about Ban Ki-moon’s decision to not attend this summit. “Actually it is not that huge problem for Iran. Non-Aligned Movement Summit has its own intentions and goals which are important for United Nations too.”

Iranian government announced Ban Ki-moon’s decision was taken under the pressure by Israel. The Obama administration also warned Ban Ki-moon over his travel to Iran earlier.

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