Made in China 2025 Initiative Allows Alibaba’s Food Service To Deliver In Shanghai

Made in China 2025 Initiative Allows Alibaba's Food Service To Deliver In Shanghai

Shanghai, the home base of Amazon’s international competitor Alibaba. Speaking of Alibaba and Shanghai, you can also find drones to deliver you food there. “Oh wow, that’s neat,” you say? It sure is if you’re in the general location of Jinshan Industrial Park to get your meal.

Science Committee Pushes For Flexible Drone Regulations in Report

Alibaba’s is an online meal service similar to Doordash or UberEats in the west. In Shanghai, the service has been given the green light to operate with two drop-off points in the area of the Jinshan Industrial Park. While not as convenient as it could be, at least a central landmark was chosen as the drop-off point.

Right now there are 17 routes for to get to the two drop-off points and human drivers would handle 15-percent of the routes. China is really trying to integrate practical-use and commercial drones into everyday use thanks to its Made in China 2025 initiative. This sees companies picking up significant funding for anything that pushes China into the future and bolsters its technological influence.

Quite the contrast from what the U.S. is doing just in the realm of drones where regulation is now allowing for a little wiggle room for practical-use drones.

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