Alibaba’s VR Pay Is Looking At Launch Later This Year

Alibaba's VR Pay Is Looking At Launch Later This Year

Alibaba has been working on a new payment feature that will allow virtual reality shoppers to pay for purchases by nodding their heads. The new system is called VR Pay and sees Alibaba establish a presence in a still growing technology.

Ant Financial’s F Lab developed the payment system for some time and made it with the goal of users not having to remove googles to pay for items.

VR Pay confirms users and their payment options by their logged in accounts, devices, and voice prints. In the case of account authentications, users can also use head nods, tilts, and other gestures.

Alibaba’s new payment system could be the start of more company developing similar payment systems and even more importantly companies developing virtual marketplaces to give such payment systems more use.

The company plans to release VR Pay sometimes towards the end of the year.

VR Pay is expected to be ready for commercial launch by the end of this year.

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