All the News Websites in Iran Should Obtain License

Pedram Pak-Aeen, Culture Ministry's director general for domestic news agencies and press

Pedram Pak-Aeen, Culture Ministry’s director general for domestic news agencies and press, announced all the active news websites operating in Iran should obtain licenses and permits from the Ministry.

“We have decided to organize online publications in Iran. But this job needs enough time to get done. So according to law, until the end of Shahrivar (ends on September) all the news websites must obtain license from Ministry. All the Internet publications should follow this rule.” Pedram Pak-Aeen said.

He also defined online publications by saying: “Websites publish news reports, analysis, interviews are considered as online publications. So they need to apply for this license.”

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  1. Steve says:

    Since when does free speech require “a license?” Seriously guys, get a clue.

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