Amazon Adds Flow Feature To iOS App

Amazon Adds Flow Feature To iOS App

Amazon Flow hit the iOS version of the app earlier this week. Flow allows for iPhone users to snag products for their shopping list by snapping a picture of them. For those with the Amazon iOS app, you can find Flow under the search bar.

How it works is that once a user activates Flow, the camera comes on and scans the frame. Flow is actively scanning when blue dots are seen in the frame. When scanning has proven successful, Flow builds a shopping list of products identified.

As with any program that depends on scanning, accuracy is hit or miss. For generic shaped object such as boxes or food items turn up pretty well. This could be down to the labels. Other items—not so much. A pack of ramen worked very well whereas a can of Pringles worked after three tries. Scanning the Wii U turned out successful as did scanning a video game case with the cover properly displayed.

There’s either a simple science to getting Flow to work properly or Amazon will need a few updates to get Flow to Scan It levels of accuracy. That said, if you want something with accuracy and don’t mind finding the barcode you can go with Scan It. If you want to walk on the wild side and something fast then go with Flow.

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