Amazon Buys Double Helix Games

Amazon Buys Double Helix Games

Amazon has purchased Killer Instinct (2013 version) co-developer Double Helix Games. According to TechCrunch, the California-based studio’s purchase was supposed to be announced on a February 13th joint “recruiting event” with the two companies.

While Amazon has delved into game develop by snagging Reflexive Entertainment back in 2008, Double Helix marks the company’s first significant developer. With word that Amazon has been recruiting and approaching developers, it’s believed that they are poised to join the set-top box waters. The rumored console or box is said to come with a price tag weighing in below the $300 mark, according to VG247 and will be an Android console.

Double Helix—as a company—first burst onto the gaming scene in 2008 with Silent Hill: Homecoming for PS3, Xbox 360, and PC. The company has deep roots coming from cult classic Earthworm Jim developer Shiny Entertainment and The Collective, the studio that developed Mark Ecko’s Getting Up: Contents Under Pressure—not exactly a cult classic or gaming classic, but still a good game. Double Helix Games did a few film games before working on Killer Instinct in 2013 for the Xbox One.

The studio will wrap up one more game—Capcom’s 2.5D slash ‘em up Strider—before moving on to Amazon development. In speaking with Polygon, Microsoft said it has plans to keep up updates with Killer Instinct and (luckily) will find another studio to work with Rare Ltd on content for the game.

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