Amazon Instant Video Delivers With New Wave of Pilots and Content

Amazon Instant Video Delivers With New Wave of Pilots and Content

There’s a major three way dance between Netflix, Amazon, and Hulu when it comes snagging content for their respective user bases. In an instance similar to gaming consoles, the main three streaming services each have similar lineups with popular shows—or third party titles in gaming terms. To differentiate from each other, you have to break out the exclusives—or first party titles.

Amazon Prime Instant Video is looking at new content and exclusives to present. Through a new deal with Fox, Amazon will see FX shows The Americans as an exclusive to the service and Archer as a non-exclusive. Other non-FX shows hitting Instant Video include The League, Louie, How I Met Your Mother, and It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia—plenty of FX programming.

While it’s great to have more primetime content in the chamber, Amazon will want its own programming. Pilot season is in effect for Amazon Instant Video. The season last produced Alpha House and Betas along with several others. This time sees more primetime programs with two hour dramas in the mix: The After (from Chris Carter, X-Files creator) and the murder mystery Bosch (co-written by Eric Overmyer of The Wire fame).

While the last round of pilots turned out some good shows, it didn’t pull runaway hits such as Orange Is The New Black and House of Cards from Netflix. Given that Amazon is making the push to throw out hour-long content and see what sticks, they could end up with a hit program.

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