Amazon Local Closes In December

Amazon Local Closes In December

Starting and closing services is nothing new when you’re running a big company that offers many services to begin with. It also comes as no surprise when a smaller or lesser used service is shutdown. This is the case with Amazon Local, the company’s answer to services like Groupon that offer regular deals and discounted services locally.

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Amazon Local mainly targeted larger markets which proved to be a safe plan for years. Unfortunately it wasn’t something that would have a long life given that similar services declined in popularly not too long ago. As a matter of fact the very services Amazon Local competed against are either currently circling the drain or have gone down it completely. This could be down to the services offered dwindling in quality or offering the deals not benefiting the businesses.

On the bright side, Amazon has a plenty of other services running the gamut of delivery, self publishing, food delivery, script submission, and more. The lost of Amazon Local might be of course to customers who used it regularly, but it’s a loss the company can handle.

The service will close December 18th, so there is still time to pickup vouchers.

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