Amazon Could Be Close To Launching Music Streaming Service

Amazon Could Be Close To Launching Music Streaming Service

There are rumblings that Amazon is planning on launching a rival service to Spotify. News of this originally got out earlier this year, but now it looks as though Amazon might be closer to getting the service out.

According to Reuters Amazon is looking at the universally safe $9.99 per month price tag. As for the actual launch window Reuters points to a summer or fall release. Both season windows would welcome the mandatory three week-one month free trial services tend to run with at launch. It’s expected that Amazon’s music streaming service will compliment their Echo speaker and increase the use of the device since music streaming services get a lot of use.

When it comes to a company possibly launching a service that several other companies already launched the specifics tend to be pretty routine. Amazon will need to secure a massive song and album catalog that either meets or rivals what Apple, Google, Spotify, and Tidal are offering. Also the service’s mobile or desktop app will need to be universal and exclusives are a must.

Basically Amazon is going to want to offer a service that is both unique to its market competitors, but also familiar to users. If Amazon is going to finally take the plunge into the music streaming waters except the company to say something about it some time this summer.

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