Amazon Introduces The Parent Dashboard to Monitor Kids’ Tablet Usage

Amazon Introduces The Parent Dashboard to Monitor Kids' Tablet Usage

Amazon’s new The Parent Dashboard mode allows for guardians to have better control over what children have access to on their Fire tablets. 

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 Of the features available, guardians can set up time limits, curfews, and apps that are allowed. The difference is that all of this can be done remotely from a Fire 7 Kids Edition or a Fire 8 Kids Edition and are enrolled in FreeTime Unlimited 

Also, thanks to The Parent Dashboard, guardians will also receive activity reports each day, week, and month. These reports give parents an insight to what their kids are doing on the tablet so that they don’t have to hover around them or dedicate a lot of time in keeping an eye on them as they use the tablets.

Amazon Introduces The Parent Dashboard to Monitor Kids' Tablet Usage

With this new addition, it gives Amazon a little more breathing room when it comes to responsibility when it comes to kids getting apps by putting the responsibility in the hands of parents. Not only that, but the company makes some money on a service that helps parents and guardians.  

FreeTime Unlimited is $2.99 monthly and comes with educational content from the likes of PBS and others. However, new tablets come with a free year of the service and thus access to The Parent Dashboard from any device via a browser. Amazon noted that guardians would have to configure the controls to allow for remote monitoring but assure that it as simple as adjusting any other settings on your device.

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