Amazon Picks Up PillPack

Amazon Picks Up PillPack

Amazon is moving into the pharmacy industry via its purchase of PillPack. Unlike eventual competitors CVS and Walgreens, PillPack is one of the smaller online options.

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PillPack garnered customers by mainly focusing on people who using multiple medications. The company delivers the drugs pre-sorted which works great for those who need their prescriptions all and once and have specific times to treat conditions that tend to be linked like diabetes and blood pressure.

While Amazon and PillPack didn’t announce the price of the deal, Bloomberg has it at $1 billion thanks to a source. Walmart expressed interest in the company some time ago and was looking to buy it for $1 billion. Amazon is such a massive name in overall trade because of the various services it provides under one umbrella. As a result, when the purchase was announced, the shares of eventual competitors took a tumble. Certainly, nothing that they couldn’t recover from but it could prove to be a problem in future if Amazon is putting resources behind the purchase.

It is probably because it is a small pharmacy that would allow for Amazon to grow it into a major competitor. We’ll have to wait and see how Amazon manages it and if it undergoes a rebranding in the process.

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