Amazon Kicks Off Prime Now One-Hour Delivery In New York

Amazon Kicks Off Prime Now One-Hour Delivery In New York

Amazon kicked off its Prime Now service in Manhattan today. The new service allows for one hour delivery for what Amazon calls “daily essentials”–household supplies, books, etc. As the name suggests, the service is for Amazon Prime members.

Available from 6AM to midnight, the price for one hour delivery is $7.99 while two hour delivery is free. It’s interesting pricing considering if someone could wait an hour for a “daily essential,” two hours shouldn’t be that much trouble to wait on for shoppers.

The service arrives at the perfect time for crunch time holiday shoppers. Regardless of if said shoppers choose to wait an hour or sit on two hours, they will get the gift they need in a decent amount of time—as opposed to trying to find the gift Christmas Eve or Christmas week.

Amazon marked 2015 as a big year for the service as it is looking to expand Prime Now into major cities across the U.S. While the company hasn’t announced any cities, the usual suspects could include throughout New York City and Los Angeles. Customers with the Amazon Prime app will be alerted when or if Prime Now comes to their city.

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