Amazon Prime Now Expands Into San Antonio and San Francisco

Amazon Prime Now Will Be In San Antonio and San Francisco

Amazon is expanding their one-hour delivery service into San Antonio and the San Francisco Bay Area. New York was the first market to tryout the service and due to strong showings it was expanded into Austin, Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, and Miami. Of course test running a service in New York City is going to almost guarantee a good run for it given the size of the market.

Amazon Prime Members Pick Up Free Same Day Delivery

Prime Now comes to mind as a service used for significant orders: electronics, books, and other such items, but a number items big and small, significant and not are eligible for the service. Prime Now also handles food delivery, further making the Amazon Prime service one worth picking up.

At the moment, the service is available in 17 major cities—including one city overseas. The more available form of Prime Now in all areas is the free two-hour delivery for Prime subscribers. If subscribers want quick delivery within an hour, $7.99 is a small price to pay on top of said order.

With Amazon slowly, but surely adding more cities to Prime Now’s markets, it won’t be long before the company builds more fulfillment centers and even Amazon stores and delivery hubs.

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