Amazon Rapids Is Now Free

Amazon Rapids Is Now Free

Chat-fiction is a form of interactive storytelling that takes place in the form of text messages. You usually have a smartphone UI and every text, photo, or video you get from characters tell a story. Hooked is one of the popular ones at the moment, but SIM – Sara Is Missing was my introduction to the genre. Amazon has an app dedicated to chat-fiction called Amazon Rapids–which is now free.

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When Amazon Rapids first launched in 2016,  it was $2.99 per month and mainly targeted at children between 5 and 12-years old. As it happened, teens and adults picked up on chat-fiction as well but Amazon kept the focus on a younger audience.

For those who don’t use Amazon Rapids, stories available can be read by the app and gives a glossary for young readers to find unfamiliar terms. Essentially, Rapids is a learning or “edutainment” app. One of the most recent features for Rapids is that some of the stories can be enjoyed via Storytime mode in Alexa.

So while there’s nothing here for the older fans of chat-fiction, the youngsters can enjoy reading by making it fun through something they regularly use: their mobile devices. It’s even better now that the app is now free. That said, it’s always good to get kids to crack a book whether it’s paper or on their device.

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