Amazon To Open Amazon Fresh Stores

Amazon To Open Amazon Fresh Stores

Amazon has its fingers in multiple pots: gaming, books, shopping, TV and film, music, drone technology, and food. That last one is the focus of Amazon’s latest venture as it will add groceries to its physical store roster.

The business expansion has been in the works for some time, so like most services and updates to services, this isn’t a decision Amazon made on a whim.

Like Amazon Books, Amazon Fresh will be available in select markets that the service exists in at the moment. If you aren’t currently a member of Amazon Fresh, the price is $15 per month in addition to the annual Prime subscription fee.

The company’s grocery stores will be for Amazon Fresh members and allow them to head into a store if they don’t want to use the delivery service. The company is also looking at a drive-through part to the service for call-in orders—basically a halfway point between ordering online and shopping in-store.

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