Amazon To Test Prime Air Drones In UK

Amazon To Test Prime Air Drones In UK

Amazon is looking to test it delivery drones in other cities by working with the British government. The partnership will lay the groundwork for delivery in the UK when the company’s drone delivery project is perfected.

The company will work the UK Civil Aviation Authority which will allow for Amazon to develop navigation methods and structure for operating drones in airspace that will be shared by other—at times larger—forms of aircraft.

While Amazon is still working on getting flexible regulation to test Prime Air stateside, the UK’s flexibility with testing has been praised by the company. In a statement, VP of global innovation policy and communications, Paul Misener said that the United Kingdom was “a leader in enabling drone innovation.”

It is through testing outside the U.S and in locations with varying city densities and layouts that Amazon could accelerate Prime Air’s progress without waiting of FAA regulations to become more pliable for developing the project. Europe and UK are proving to be very flexible regions to test future delivery methods as earlier this month saw Starship Technologies announce testing of its delivery bot in several major cities.

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