Amazon and Yext Deal Updates Alexa’s Business Information

Amazon and Yext Deal Updates Alexa's Business Information

Yext is a company that collects business information and helps those businesses control how the brand is viewed online. Its new deal with Amazon serves a different purpose. Instead, Yext provides important info about local businesses via data gathered from search engines and social networks.

The deal resulted in an updated Alexa’s database on businesses. As a result, Alexa can use this information for most inquiries but only for businesses partnered with Yext. Other businesses will get the review site treatment and more immediate Alexa information.

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These inquiries will prompt answers about the brand as handled by the business itself. If a business wants people to know it’s the “number one and only floppy disk in the Greater Atlanta Area,” when someone asks about “the nearest floppy disk retailer in Atlanta,” Alexa will repeat that–as useless as it is.

Amazon Echo will be able to provide other more important pieces of information, such as operating hours, address, and proximity. So now you get manicured answers that are provided by the brand itself and the information related to the quality of the establishment from popular, trusted review sites.

At the moment, the Alexa update is only available in the U.S., Canada, and Australia.

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