#AmazonCart Makes Adding Items To Shopping Cart Faster

#AmazonCart Makes Adding Items To Shopping Cart Faster

If you use both Twitter and frequent Amazon, you can now do part of the shopping—the adding stuff part— via Twitter. The new feature rolled out early Monday and involves finding a product link on Twitter and replying with #AmazonCart—or #AmazonBasket in the U.K. The hashtag will add the product to your Amazon cart.

While it would be nice to say “That’s all there is to it,” users would still need to link their Amazon and Twitter accounts. Also if there’s a cheaper merchant selling the item, users would need to go in and sort their shopping cart out before hitting checkout.

While this is a pretty handy feature, there’s still the glaring issue that it’s still public when you add items to your cart. So if your significant other is also on Twitter or if you’re buying unmentionables, you’ll probably want to handle your shopping in the relative privacy of Amazon’s site. If that seems like hassle, there’s still making your Twitter account private.

With Amazon cranking up the dial on shipping and shopping to make every more convenient, it seems like only a matter of time before brick and mortar shops and other online stores take to the idea regardless of how simple it seems.

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