An Important Twist In The Ayvani Hope Perez Kidnapping

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ATLANTA, GA – Yesterday Ayvani Hope Perez was found safe and sound yesterday following an early Tuesday morning kidnapping. While this is the end of one chapter, the next one adds quite the twist on the entire story.

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Maria Corral, Ayvani Perez’s mother, apparently has a criminal connection with one of the suspects—Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez (40)—which goes back to just a year prior.

According to ICE (Immigration and Customs Enforcement), the two were arrested in a 2012 drug raid in Henry County, Georgia (south of Atlanta) which netted five in all. The 2012 bust scored 500 pounds of marijuana in the residence where it occurred. All five involved were charged with trafficking.

The charges against Corral and Contreras-Rodriguez were eventually dropped, but the link between the two puts an end to the notion of this being a random kidnapping. This also kills the notion that the family didn’t know anyone in the area.

According to authorities, the two broke into the house by prying the back door open. Corral said that she attempted to hide her children, but the armed intruders found them and demanded money and jewelry.

When she turned up with nothing, they took Ayvani and shot the family dog, which survived. The 14-year old was found 25 miles from Ellenwood, a suburb of Atlanta in Conyers.

The second man in the incident was identified as Wildrego Jackson (29) of Atlanta. Jackson is currently being held on conspiracy to kidnap. Juan Alberto Contreras-Rodriguez, a Mexican national, is being held on immigration charges.

While involved authority agencies aren’t releasing too much about the investigation, Chief Gregory Porter of Clayton County said that hunting the kidnappers down came down to “hardcore police work.”

While relief that young Ayvani Perez is safe and back with her family, the whole incident and revealed background brings up so many questions—some of which would test common sense.

A major question is “Why move to a county so close to where you were arrested in a drug bust?” Logic shows that this just isn’t a good idea. One would think that you would want to be as far away from the general area unless it just can’t be avoided (ill family members, child attending college, job opportunity, etc.)

How did Contreras-Rodriguez know Corral was back? Were they having regular contact or was she in contact with someone who relayed that information to Contreras-Rodriguez? There had to be some communication somewhere even if someone saw an announcement of moving to Atlanta via social sites.

Both Contreras-Rodriguez and Corral got their charges dropped. Why kidnap Ayvani? Does Corral have something or know something? It was just a year ago that they were busted, so the wounds are still fresh. Did she tell on others in that group of five?

What does the husband know about the bust situation?

These are likely the same questions investigators are asking themselves and involved parties among others.

Update: According to an affidavit, the kidnappers called the house after the kidnapping requesting drugs and money, slightly different from the money and jewelry that was mentioned before.

Wildrego Jackson’s girlfriend loaned them her rented Dodge Challenger.

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