Google Showcases Android Instant Apps At I/O 2016

Google Showcases Android Instant Apps At I/O 2016

Android will be getting a new feature in Instant Apps. Announced during the I/O developer conference earlier today, the feature will allow for Android users to utilize apps via a link without the need of downloading it from the Play Store.

While there is certain to be multiple uses for Instant Apps, Google pointed out that it could be best used for apps with a sole purpose which would help a user avoid having to download or have the app already installed and not go through a service’s site.

Instant Apps works by clicking on the link and allowing Google Play to download the important parts for a workable, quick use of the app’s services. Essentially you’re using web apps as opposed to full on apps.

At the moment Instant Apps seems to be limited in what it can do and be used for, but that could all change over time with updates and if the feature sees regular enough use to warrant devoted updates. Activities such as gaming are likely some ways off given that the feature has limited file size of 4MB. That aside, the feature seems flexible enough and can be used on Android OS from Jellybean to now.

While you’ll have to wait later in the year to try out Instant Apps, you can check out Instant Apps in action in video here.

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