Another Legal Victory For Apple

Another Legal Victory For Apple

Apple continues to rumble on through lawsuits this month with a victory over Motorola today. CNET reported that the International Trade Commission ruled against Motorola stating that Apple was not violating Motorola’s proximity sensors patent in the U.S. This particular patent of the last of six Motorola slapped a complaint on Apple over from October 2010. The complaint was but a part of a larger legal attack on Apple over several other patent suits in the U.S.

Leading up to the ITC ruling was a saga of changes for Motorola including Google taking over the company, petitions, and even an administrative law judge finding that Apple was violating one of Motorola’s patents—however that was later reviewed and thrown out by the ITC.

The legal victory comes a month after Apple won only a fraction of the $1.05 billion suit against Samsung when U.S District Court Judge Lucy Koh shaved $450.5 million from the demanded amount. Apple is looking to get the amount of the damages reinstated in another motion stating that Judge Koh excluded two devices which altered the price—the Galaxy S2 ($40.5 million) and the Infuse 4G ($44.8 million). In that case Koh granted the damages citing that the jury didn’t compensate Apple for sales prior to April 15, 2011.

It would be safe to say that more lawsuit decisions await Apple both from them and against them. To name a few there’s the iPod/iPad privacy issue that was brought up in December 2010 and eBook price-fixing which was brought up by the U.S Department of Justice in April 2012.

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