The App Showdown: Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office

The App Showdown: Google Docs vs. Microsoft Office

It’s Microsoft against Google in this showdown between which office app is best to use on mobile. Which one easier to use and which will make you more productive for your needs: Microsoft Office or Google Docs.

For this, I typically use a Samsung-branded smartphone so Android OS. When I write, it’s often on PC using Microsoft Office Online’s Word (which will be getting a review soon). It works extremely well. I rarely if ever use Google Docs unless I’m sharing work with someone who uses Docs or Gmail.

Until recently, I didn’t do articles on my smartphone. It didn’t seem particularly productive to me. As I’ve recently found that I’m very productive when working outside, I figured “I’ll need something to work with on my phone.”

Microsoft Office

What I usually need is something similar to Word. In using the Office app, I found that it allows me to do most of what I want to do and a lot more than Docs’ app. Actually, everything I can do with Office can be done on this app. One thing that annoyed me was having to adjust the size of the workspace (the white space) for the start. It’s very minor and easy to remedy. Other than that, the jump from desktop Office to app Office or Office live are all fluid.


Google Docs

Google’s offering is very straightforward and the app doesn’t have a lot in the way of a UI. For something like Word, it had exactly what you need to produce a no-frills word document.  That’s probably the one flaw here but then again I’m not exactly trying to do Publisher-type work in Word. Google Docs’ other programs will handle that adequately. The issue I had with Word’s workspace isn’t present here but the basic approach to the UI does mean you’ll have to sort out what to do if you want to do more advanced things you can do in Word.



While I have and keep both on my device, when it comes to work I need done quickly, I turn to the Google Docs app for the draft and edit it once I get to a PC. For creative writing, I use Microsoft Word and end up not having to edit it much since the features are all there. For instance, I’m currently working on a book and Docs is just something that isn’t going to get the job done for me formatting-wise but would be perfectly functional in just writing nonstop.

Which apps do you tend to use for writing or content creation on your device? Let us know in the comments below.

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