Apple and Google Making Moves On Self-Driving Car Front

Apple and Google Making Moves On Self-Driving Car Front

Two tech titans seem to be pushing ahead with their self-driving car projects. Apple was reported to be in talks with the California DMV to get find out if their project—called Project Titan—would be in line with the state’s driverless car regulations. The company was also in talks with GoMentum Station to test their car in San Francisco.

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These steps are important in Apple deciding if the autonomous car route is one worth pursuing. If there were problems with being in line with state regulations—which there shouldn’t be—or if finding a test track close on the company’s coastal base it would be a project requiring more consideration. Of course the decision to explore and develop this front would require a great deal of consideration.

While Apple is sometime away from putting rubber to public roads, Google are putting rubber to road in Austin, Texas. In the next stage of its project, a couple of its cars can be seen downtown with a Google employee in the passenger seat. On the promotional front, Google is extending the “Paint the Town” competition to November 1st to allow for Austinites to vote for artwork to be showcased on the self-driving cars.

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