Apple and Samsung Call Truce On International Legal Battles

Apple and Samsung Call Truce On International Legal Battles

No one expected the Apple vs. Samsung legal battle was over after the May decision that was largely in Apple’s favor. In a case of focusing on U.S litigation, the two tech giants are dropping their suits in play outside the U.S.

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Prior to coming to the decision, Apple and Samsung were duking it out in nine countries across two continents. The legal proceedings in those areas revolved around patent disputes and saw both sides attempt to block sales of current devices and even much older ones that aren’t in retail circulation.

The primary purpose of these suits include Samsung defending itself against Apple who views Samsung as violating their patents and Apple wanting to loosen Samsung’s first place grip on the market by having devices banned if possible. When possible, Samsung will suit for something, but it’s often times defensive.

Apple and Samsung will continue their U.S litigation with two court battles based in San Jose. In the dueling suits, Apple has typically fared better. Their last legal battle went to Apple, but Samsung was asked to pay $119 million for iPhone patent infringement. The outcome was a somewhat sour one for Apple since it wasn’t the amount they requested.

It was expected that the suits would continue in the U.S given that the two failed to come to an agreement back in May about squashing their legal disputes. Their legal war has been so heated that the two blamed the other for things breaking down in resolution talks.

There will be no end to these legal battles between Samsung and Apple. There’s the case of Apple bringing of Samsung’s old, out of retail devices as violating its patents prior to the May decision. Expect something else to pop up before these two U.S court battles are over and done. When those battles are done also expect someone to appeal the decision.

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