Apple Deals With 14-Day App Return Policy Flaw

Apple Deals With 14-Day App Return Policy Flaw

Apple is normally ahead of the curve when it comes to anticipating the possible problems with new services or products. The new refund policy for digital policies from its iTunes and App Store marketplaces in Europe has led to a loophole that Apple has been quick to deal with.

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The flaw in question allowed for customers to keep apps that would fall within the two week threshold on the device after the refund had been processed. At the time the customer could keep the app, get their money back without incurring a penalty of some sort.

While the exact number of users who have abused the policy’s flaw hasn’t been noted, Apple cleared things up by making it so that customers can be barred from the policy for abuse. What counts as “abuse” is simply attempting to refund too many items. The result will be a warning prompt that blocks customers from getting their refund.

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The approach is meant to ward off customers, yet a more permenant solution is required to completely stop the policy from being abused as there will always be some customers who will try their luck. At the moment there has been mention of bringing the policy to the U.S or other major Apple markets.

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