Apple Calls For Supreme Court To Not Entertain Samsung’s Appeal

Apple Calls For Supreme Court To Not Entertain Samsung's Appeal

Samsung has appeals in motion challenging the decision favoring Apple. While the company has paid $548 million, Samsung looks to stave off further repercussions that could come out of the decision. Apple on the other hand is hoping to cut these appeals off and have told the Supreme Court to not entertain Samsung, according to Re/code.

Apple’s opinion on Samsung’s filing isn’t surprising: dismissive and unimpressed. The company’s response to the filing shows Apple picking apart everything involving the Galaxy S family of phones from the technology under the hood to the features to the design. In as legal a matter as possible, Apple basically calls Samsung’s flagship phones a major market imitation.

Samsung has argued that the Galaxy phones aren’t imitations of Apple’s iPhone. The company also argued that the decision could have dire consequences not only for tech but the economy and innovation as a whole with the decision serving as a precedent for lawsuits to come out of the woodworks.


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