Florida Sheriff Says He’ll Lock Up “Rascal” Apple CEO Over FBI Court Order

Florida Sheriff Says He'll Lock Up "Rascal" Apple CEO Over FBI Court Order

Earlier this week, Sheriff Grady Judd said he would arrest Apple CEO Tim Cook if a mass shooting were to occur in Polk County and the company didn’t assist on unlock a device.

Forced compliance would likely lead to further privacy concerns given the FBI would have the software to unlock iOS devices if it needed. There’s also the time required to work on such software which Apple put at around a month.

There’s also setting a precedent where other tech companies would have to comply if an agency was looking information. Similar concerns arose with Facebook, Google and Microsoft cooperating with local and federal law enforcement agencies when it came to accounts and FISA requests.

“The CEO of Apple needs to know he’s not above the law, and neither is anybody else in the United States,” said Judd in speaking to FOX 13. He went on to add that if he had enough legal power behind him to pursue it, he would “lock the rascal up” in referring to Cook.

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