Apple Gets Support From Tech Industry On FBI Encryption Hack Order

Apple Gets Support From Tech Industry On FBI Encryption Hack Order

The FBI’s request for Apple to give it access to the San Bernardino shooters’ iPhone has turned into a tense standoff over the issues of encryption and security. The situation has escalated to reaching congress in a hearing which has pulled in other tech giants in support of Apple.

This back and forth between Apple and the FBI came about with the agency wanting the company to unlock the iPhone following the attack in hopes of finding crucial information.

Apple’s iPhone will lock after ten failed password attempts and the FBI requested that Apple assist in cracking the phone. Apple said that it would take around a month to develop the software to unlock the phone, but there’s also the issue that the same software could then be used for any other Apple devices that the government might want unlocked since it would be in agency’s possession.

Microsoft has already announced that it would be filing a brief in support of Apple while Google is said to be filing a brief later. Social media platforms Twitter and Facebook will back Apple as well. Today also saw Apple file to request the presiding judge to drop the FBI’s order.

Apple and the FBI will argue their sides before a House of Representatives Judiciary Committee on March 1st.

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