Apple Gets A Seat On Didi Chuxing’s Board

Apple Gets A Seat On Didi Chuxing's Board

Apple’s chief of mergers and acquisitions, Adrian Perica will take a position on Didi Chuxing’s board months after the Cupertino-based company invested $1 billion into the ride-sharing company.

The investment and board assignment gives Apple a foothold in a crowded industry without having to establish its own ride-sharing company from scratch—which is often the intent when a company invests in successful or potential filled company in another industry.

Didi Chuxing managed to hold China and prevent Uber’s growth in the market which has garnered the regional titan a lot of attention and favor from major companies. As a result UberChina merged with the company in August.

While the strong association with Didi Chuxing allows for Apple to focus on its core business and not spread itself across multiple markets, it also its push into China alongside its $45 million plans for a R&D center in Beijing. With Apple also looking to build a facility in India, it could result in the company investing in Ola, the ride-sharing competitor of Uber in the market.

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