Apple and Google Are Introducing New Revenue Sharing Model For Developers

Apple and Google Are Introducing New Revenue Sharing Model For Developers

Earlier today Apple announced it would be implementing a new revenue sharing approach which would see developers reel in more money if users join a service through the apps.

This means developers have an incentive to make their app more appealing to users. Regular updates and the addition of new features should be regular thing with this new revenue sharing model. Apple’s rival Google will be taking a similar approach.

So what’s the difference between the two sharing models? Apple will allow for developers to take 85-percent of revenue—instead of the prior 70-percent—if users have been subscribed to a service for a year. Google is moving the needle on the same amount, but will give developers their cut immediately.

Both companies have been testing the revenue sharing models for some time now with a few services and it appears that both companies are pleased with the results of the testing periods. Apple’s sharing model is more of a long game approach and it made sense for the company to announce it.

Google’s model seems more like it would be more immediately appealing with a developer getting an increased share when someone subscribes as opposed to hoping a user remains subscribed over a year. Unlike Apple, Google has yet to announce when its plan will be open to developers, but expect it soon.

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