Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe Stick To Their Guns In No Poach Case

Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe Stick To Their Guns In No Poach Case

Long standing legal suits are commonplace among large tech companies. Normally it’s company against company or multiple entities against multiple entities. In the case of Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe, it’s an antitrust violation that sees the four on the same side.

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The companies will be heading to court over “no poach” agreements. The deals meant that the four companies wouldn’t call the other companies’ employees with the intent to recruit them.

The quartet of companies were ready to settle for around $324 million, however presiding US District Judge Lucy Koh deemed that the companies should have to pay a minimum of $380 million. The figure comes from the price Intuit, Pixas, and Lucasfilm had to pay out. As a result, the $324 million settlement offer was tossed out.

The settlement of $380 million didn’t sit well with Apple, Google, Intel, and Adobe and they won’t be budging on their settlement price which was originally agreed to with the plaintiffs’ legal teams. The “no poach” deal supposedly led to workers’ wages being held. The settlement prevented incriminating emails from being presented. The former CEOs of Apple and Google—Steve Jobs and Eric Schmidt respectively—were included in the emails.

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