Apple Introduces “Pay Once and Play” Games In App Store

Apple Introduces "Pay Once and Play" Games In App Store

Apple has a new promotion underway for some of its App Store games. The collective of “Pay Once and Play” games will allow for customers to “Enjoy hours of uninterrupted fun with complete experiences.”

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The new approach will see users pay what would be full price if all additional pay features were included in freemium titles such as extra stages, more missions/chapters, and additional items that may enhance gameplay. Apple will continue to offer these freemium titles, but “POP” titles are simply a method of getting the whole thing without the milking.

These “free” games have proven to be a major problem for companies with online storefronts such as Apple and Google primarily in the form of lawsuits and aggressive legislation to get settlements and change policy.

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The root of these problems fell on the companies as they provided no safeguard or gatekeeper to prevent children from making unauthorized in-app purchases. As a result guardians would end up with ridiculous bills sometimes rolling into the thousands. Last year both companies took steps towards protecting against such purchases.

With price drops in some titles, “Pay Once and Play” titles will likely prove to be enticing to iOS based players and assist in keeping Apple out of hot water while continuing to ride franchises until the wheels fall off.

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