Apple Holds Public Beta For iOS 8.3 Update

Apple Holds Public Beta For iOS 8.3 Update

Apple will open the doors for all users to test out the iOS 8.3 update before its commercial release later in the year. The open door policy for iOS 8.3 comes from the response Apple picked up from the public beta of OS X with the company saying that it gained a lot of valuable feedback in during that testing period.

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So what all comes with iOS 8.3’s beta? New features such as a conversation filter which adds tabs to messages and allows for better sorting between what is worth keeping and what is junk, new emoji (of course), and bug fixes to features such as CarPlay. Also included will be whatever bugs and misadventures not caught—which is one of the primary purposes of a public beta for anything: to allow for bug reporting.

The Apple Beta Software Program site gives the important details of signing up for the iOS beta with the main instruction being to back up your version of iOS 8 to iTunes so that you can get back to it if you wish. From there you will need to install a configuration file which cleans house on your device and allow for you to install iOS 8.3.

A release date for iOS 8.3 hasn’t been announced, but most are looking at sometime around Apple Watch’s release in late next month.

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