Apple Is Building A Self-Driving Car

Apple Is Building A Self-Driving Car

With competitor Google already finishing its road-ready prototype for a self-driving car, Apple is looking to hit the test track with its own driverless car. According to records obtained by The Guardian, Apple has been in meetings with the Contra Costa Transportation Authority, owners of the 5,000-acre GoMentum Station in San Francisco.

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GoMentum is a former military base and has seen action from self-driving cars before from major manufacturers. The landscape of the testing ground features every kind of road, crossings, and street signs needed to accurately test vehicles in a number of situations. The main issue of testing discussed by Apple and GoMentum is availability for testing including possible scenarios for the testing grounds.

Randy Iwasaki, Contra Costa Transportation Authority’s executive director told The Guardian that Apple was certainly interested in using GoMentum to test their car, but due to a non-disclosure agreement, they couldn’t discuss specifics such as how far along Apple is and when testing could occur.

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